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Klimakterium and its course each has been evaluating differently. It is always a big currency, not only physical (loss of menses, i.e. fertility), but also the psychological of the woman is affected by this period. For someone as if life had ended, nothing changed for another.

Klimakterium due to its accompanying phenomena unpleasant period and behind all the oestrogen hormone in the female body. The product offered by us is an easy way to restore the balance in your organism, thereby alleviation of the full odessinunpleasant accompanying Staveswhen klimakterium.


This product is created only from natural ingredients. It contains blossoming crints of Hawthorn, the root of the grape and the redflower of the meadow. One of the most important components of the preparation Menox 45 highly concentrated extract from the roots of Peruvian (Lepidium meyenii), or "Maca mountain".