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The mercury lamp has a wide variety of utilization options. He finds his application mainly in the exterior, thanks to the fact that its luminosity is high. Its application is mainly in street lamps, where it plays a huge role mainly due to its quality, luminosity, performance and also durability. So if you're looking for something in your lamps, just this great type can be a solution. Bet on him too, you will surely be very satisfied, because the quality is much higher than surprisingly low price. You'll save and also get a reliable light source that you won't be able to praise. Quality is simply the maximum, so use it and invest in that direction.
Long service life
How long does this mercury matter last? If you take it on average, you can look forward to lots and lots of years of quality lighting. As has been said, life is really long, until admirable. So forget about regular change, which is also quite annoying and mainly impractical. You can look forward to reliable light sources that absolutely satisfy your needs.