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Ways to Improve the Quality of Air in your Home

The longer you stay indoors the more compromised the quality of air in your home becomes and with an average person known to be spending up to ninety percent of their time indoors, they are breathing in more polluted air. Regular exposure to polluted air can have serious effects on your cognitive health and there is a chance of developing degenerative diseases like dementia. Now that you know that polluted or poor quality air is detrimental to your health, you to find a way of eliminating the pollutants to improve indoor air quality. Here are things you can do to improve the air quality in your home.

Changing your air condition system air filters is the first thing you can do to improve the indoor air quality; as the air filters remove pollutants from the air all day, eventually they become filled and require replacing to do their job efficiently. Once you have changed the filters in your air conditioning system, you have to think about the filters in other appliances in your house like the vacuum cleaner and dryer because they also compromise the quality of air in your house.

When you clean your rugs and carpets as regularly as weekly, they will keep working for you, improving the quality of indoor air just by lying there; they are trapping dust and other particles that would have otherwise been suspended in the air, compromising its quality. When your home is humid and moist like during the hot summers, you can expect to experience a lot of respiratory issues like asthma and allergies but this problem can be solved by simply reducing the amount of moisture in the air.

Like filters, air ducts can be overrun by dust, dander, and mold if they are not properly maintained or installed, polluting the quality of air in your entire home, however, hiring professional once in a while to ensure they are circulating fresh and clean air can solve the problem. Plants are responsible for filtering the air you breathe in everywhere you go so why not let them do it in your home, getting indoor plants can do wonders in improving the quality of air in your home.

When properly maintained, the ventilation systems in your home have a huge role to play in improving the air quality; the stale air in your house has to find a way out and that is where ventilation systems come in play also proving a way in for fresh air. Using cooking vents and opening windows when you are in the kitchen can help in filtering the air in your home. These are the tips you can use to improve the quality of indoor air.

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