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Sodium lamps are very popular luminaires, which are used not only in the works but also in many other public areas. Of course there can be different settlements or also outdoor stadiums. What is the biggest advantage of these elements that are sodium? The greatest advantages include, of course, a very long service life, but also high luminous intensity and unbreakability. Precisely because it is a reliable luminaire, it has found its application just in the exterior, because it does not have to change so often, which would be quite challenging. It is so, for years you will not have the only concern, because everything will work as it should.
Cope with the weather
Thanks to its intensity, these lamps will cope with the adverse weather. What exactly does the term bad weather introduce? It can be a dense fog, or even a heavy rain that can't be seen in a step. Even so, these elements will take care of enlightenment, which is, of course, a huge advantage. The weather is not, in any case, a problem that could not be overcome.