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Do you need to do something on the roof or clean up the ocaps? Do the ladders seem a little more vaoulaté? Then we have a solution for you, it is a little more expensive, but much safer. You're asking what's his name? It's called a platform.
The off-road high-rise platforms are especially suited for high-altitude work (window installation, window cladding, etc.), public lighting, paint work, ad installation and facade repairs. If you need it for any of these activities, do not hesitate to order the rental.
Service and Storage
Platforms are not trouble-free machines, like no other, and we think about it. If it breaks down, let us know immediately and we'll try to do something about it. Either we will replace the unworkable platform for you, or we can repair you immediately on the spot. Those machines that are not rented, we store under the roof.