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Legal Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bite.

Like any other carnivore, dogs are animals and can turn on man and cause serious injuries regardless of being his best friend. Some of the impacts a dog attack may cause include physical injury, psychological impacts such as trauma, and the attacked person an also contract diseases such as rabies. If you have experienced a dog attack, here are some legal guidelines on what you need to do.
Immediately after a dog attack, make sure that you put down everything that took place during the attack from the beginning to the end on paper. If you might have had a verbal or physical exchange with the dog owner before and after the attack, ensure that you include it in your written record. In your write up ensure that you also include any state laws pertaining to dog bites and also the expenses you are likely to incur due to the dog bite.
It is also recommended that you report the matter to the police. Filing a report is very crucial as it enables the police to know if the dog has attacked someone else in the past once an investigation is launched into the matter. The also check if the owner of the dog has kept the dogs vaccinations up to date as this impacts your health and it has a great impact on your case. It really doesn’t matter if the dog bite is a minor one, ensure that you seek medical attention and treatment for the bite
One of the ways you can settle the dog bite claim is out of the court of law is among the best ways of getting compensation for the claim. The dog owners insurance cover or the homeowner’s insurance cover can come in to compensate in you in place of the dog owner. Out of court settlement is both cheap in terms of costs and also takes a shorter period of time. It would be wise that you take your time and assess the settlement claim you are about to make so as to get the best possible deal out of it.
If the dog owner fails to live up to the payment of the agreed amount or any issue arises, seek the services of a lawyer. Other than gathering the information and evidence about the incident, the lawyer also prepares a demand letter based on the expenses you have incurred and also inform the dog owner of your intention of using them in the court of law. The letter may also present the amount you are looking to have the dog owner pay you so as to avoid pushing forward with the legal case. If your case is not the first on the dog has been involved in, it is advisable that you push forward with the case.

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